Monday, November 4, 2013

Mirror, mirror in my garden

The mirror plant comes in various colors. My favorite is the "tequila sunrise" mirror plant that has orange and red jewel tones. So pretty in succulent gardens and as hardy stand alone plants (needs water one time per week) in small spaces. Plant in at least partial sun. Here is an example of a mirror plant amongst California native plants for one of my clients' front yards.

Roses are the bees' knees

I love roses....the way they look, smell, and the fact that they are so hardy. I surprised my client with two rose bushes in her drought tolerant berm in her front yard. She's happy to have them because they not only brighten up the native plant mix but also brighten up her kitchen or other rooms where she chooses to place the cut flowers.

Less lawn

My client wanted to attract butterflies and hummingbirds to her yard. She didn't like the look of her big, boring lawn and wanted to reduce water consumption. So she asked me what I would do. I suggested to create a berm with plants and flowers she liked that wouldn't require a lot of water. So we got to work. It's a half moon shape. The lawn still exists but it takes up a smaller space. The yard is much more interesting now.